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4 Things to Remember Before You "Tech" Your Training

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

From micro-learning and apps to virtual delivery and beyond, there are so many innovations in training these days, it is hard to keep up! Good news: You don't really need to.

Tech can be great, but it can't do it all. Don't let the latest "thing" seduce you away from the basic principles that make for good training implementation. However it's created, delivered, and consumed by eager trainees, great training must help people gain knowledge, develop skills and confidence, and apply those new strengths to reach organizational goals.

  1. Great training does all of this and includes a robust “pre- and post- process" to ensure readiness to learn and willingness to apply.

  2. Great training is measurable and undergoes continuous improvement.

  3. Great training drives business results.

  4. Great training is human-centered and designed with a unique and specific end in mind.

Technological solutions can be embedded in most learning management systems these days, often clumsily because they are often add-ons. But even top LMS's are in danger of becoming obscure with the growing number of apps being used for learning at the expense of a human-centered approach.

Beware the traps! When in doubt, I'm here to help.

Talk soon!


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