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Leaders on leadership (4 parts)

Hi everyone. Today I am excited to release a 4-part blog featuring insights from leaders on leadership. (Links below.)

The backstory

As I prepared to leave corporate America to focus on being a coach, I scheduled solo time to consider my own leadership experiences. I started to dwell on the lousy manager experiences I'd had. That was not helpful. So rather than get stuck there, my energy and focus shifted from the miserable managers to the faces, voices and actions of a dozen or so remarkable leaders who have influenced, supported, and intensely impacted me throughout my 40+ year fabulous career.

Something needed to be done with the deep appreciation for who they are and what they gave (and still give) so freely including words of wisdom and humor, being role models and providing feedback from the heart. So, it makes perfect sense to share them with you, my clients, professional network, friends and family.

And what do we all have in common? Dedication to developing as leaders and human beings and helping others do the same.

The process

Each leader was asked four questions designed to learn about their ways of working, ways of being and ways they lead others.

In this blog series, you will see the candid, poignant, and funny responses that are powerful in their simplicity and earnestness. You may choose to read all four blogs today, or come back when you want a moment of inspiration and encouragement. Before you dive in, you might have a pen and paper handy to jot down your own responses to the questions before reading others.

Please comment and/or share your thoughts below. You never know who may benefit from your story the way these leaders have inspired so many, me included. Thank you for leading, growing and learning.

Total reading time: 5-7 minutes

With note-taking best practice: 7-12 minutes

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